Carlos Guevara

AFCI USA Minister

Carlos Guevara

Personal Background

Carlos and Gladys Guevara have been in ministry for almost three decades. They were born and raised in Guatemala where they grew up in Christian families. They started ministry in Central America. Carlos received a B.A. in Accounting and Business Administration at La Salle College and a B.A. and M.DIV. in theology from Central American Theological Seminary. Carlos has served as a missionary in Belize and Honduras and is fluent in English and Spanish.

Carlos taught in seminary in El Salvador and Central America in the 1990’s and worked with International ministries as well. They came to live in the US 20 years ago in Atlanta. At the time he felt called to minister to the Latin people in Atlanta and became involved with “In Touch” ministries in the area of Hispanic programming. He helped to plant churches, develop leadership and training programs and equip the pastors and people of those churches while also serving the Hispanic community with their needs.

Gladys has always worked right by Carlos’s side supporting him and taking care of all of his administrative needs in his ministry. They continue to serve in their community in offering free financial and marriage counseling, soccer clinics while also learning English and teaching English and Spanish to other Latin Americans. Carlos and Gladys continue to make regular trips to Central America with evangelical medical and outreach teams.

In this past decade, Carlos has felt more and more called to mission work, specifically in prison ministry. He prays hard for God’s direction and vision for him and where God wants him to focus. He feels the conviction to be in the mission field and in the prisons. He is happiest and feels it in his heart to minister to the prisoners. It brings him great joy that God has led him to serving His purpose in the prisons. He feels a connection with these men and is even more convinced that this is where he needs to be when he knows these men seek him out.

In November 2009, Carlos became a certified Chaplain with the Department of Corrections and has been employed by the Georgia Department of Corrections since July 2010.

The Guevara’s are members of First Baptist Church of Lilburn have 3 adult sons and grandchildren and reside in Lawrenceville, Georgia.