John Hofstra

AFCI Board of Directors

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Independent Board Member since 2023

John Hofstra

Personal Background


I was born in Jackson, MI in 1962, the second of 4 children of Harry and Shirlee Hofstra.  My parents are believers and so we grew up in the church and the bible and talk of the Lord were always in our house.  They also very much modeled Christ likeness in the way they lived and raised us.

When I was 14, my grandfather died and caused me to question why the Lord would take my grandfather, a believer, at the young age of 74.  My Grandmother explained to me that he was home with his savior and walking the streets of Gold.  She then asked if I wanted to ask Jesus to be my savior and I prayed the sinner’s prayer.

In 1981 I met the woman the Lord had for me, and we were married in August of 1984 and are still married today.   We were blessed with three children.  Our first was a son, who sadly was a full term stillborn.  The death of my son had a profound effect on my walk with the Lord.  Initially, I was incredibly angry, and the Lord very distinctly spoke to me and said, “this is a crossroad in your faith walk, you can either let your anger turn you away from me, or you can trust me to see you through this intense grief”.  Thankfully, I chose to trust him, and it greatly strengthened my walk with the Lord.  The lord also blessed us with 2 beautiful daughters who are married to Godly men.  We are blessed to have 6 grandchildren 5 and under.  My wife and I see this as an incredible opportunity to build into them a godly legacy through our words and actions.

After getting married, my wife and I attended a non-denominational church for 20 years I Rockford, MI.  In February of 2003, my family and I moved to Sarasota Florida, where we still reside.  Since being in Sarasota, we attended a Baptist church for 10 years, then switched to a non-denominational church for 9.5 years and are now back at the original Baptist church. 

A relationship with the Lord is life altering and ever changing.  I am eternally grateful for the forgiveness and mercy the Lord has shown me for over four decades and look forward to many more years walking with the Lord.

I am honored and excited to be on the board of AFCI-USA to help guide and direct this great organization into whatever future the Lord has in store for it.