Al Whittinghill

Al Whittinghill

Personal Background

Al was born on April 22, 1948 in North Carolina. He is married to the former Mary Madeline St. John of Fort Worth, Texas, and they have five grown children: John, Elizabeth, Catherine, Ben, and Paul. they are also the proud grandparents of thirteen grandchildren. Their home is in Woodstock, Georgia, and they are members of Johnson Ferry Baptist Church in Marietta, Ga.

Educational Background

Al graduated from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in 1970, receiving a B.A. degree in Political Science. Two years after graduation he was converted to Christ, in April of 1972. After remaining for two years in business, he was called into the ministry of the Gospel. He attended Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary from 1974 to 1977 where he received the Master of Divinity degree, and in 1978 was ordained to the Gospel ministry. Al received an honorary Doctor of Divinity degree in 1998. Over the years God has taught Al much and blessed him by allowing him the privilege of traveling with, learning from, and enjoying deep fellowship with, a number of great men of God. Men like Leonard Ravenhill, Vance Havner and Manley Beasley have left an indelible
mark on Al’s life and preaching.

Ministry Background

Al’s active preaching ministry began in the 1970s while he was in seminary. For three years while in seminary he led a weekly street ministry to the inner city of Fort Worth, and a campus ministry of one-to-one personal evangelism and discipleship. Completing seminary in 1977, he was invited to join Precept Ministries, a non-denominational ministry and conference center in Chattanooga, Tennessee. There he was co-teacher with Kay Arthur and was involved in the ministry of preaching and teaching the truths of God’s Word to thousands of people weekly across the United States and around the world. Strong emphasis was given to equipping God’s people to study the Word of God inductively and to apply the Scriptures to everyday life. In 1984, after six years with Precept Ministries, Al was called to join the worldwide ministry of Ambassadors for Christ International. AFCI is a fellowship of preachers and teachers of God’s Word who seek to serve the Church of Jesus Christ as catalysts for genuine spiritual revival and world evangelism, primarily through itinerant preaching ministries. Al works with AFCI out of its office in Atlanta, Georgia having an extensive preaching/teaching ministry that reaches around the world. His ministry in the local churches encompasses many denominations across the United States and in other countries, where he has presented the unsearchable riches of Christ from God’s Word in more than 50 countries. For more than thirty five years Al has been privileged to preach, teach, and minister across the USA, Europe, India, Canada, Africa, Asia, Australia, the Pacific nations, and in countries
behind the former Iron Curtain.

Ministry Focus

One of the greatest desires of his heart is to see Heaven sent revival…. a genuine move of God in the Church of Jesus Christ, both here in America and around the world. “True God-sent revival,” Al says, “will return true believers to God’s standard of living….Christ Himself in you, the Hope of Glory! Only when the church is willing to allow the Holy Spirit to transform her into what Jesus Christ died for her to become, and lives to insure she will be, will the world feel once again the full impact of quality Christianity. Then, obedience to the Great Commission will overflow out of the Church’s worshipping heart, impacting the world in the measure that God intended!” It is Al’s firm conviction that Christians must be called to face the full implications of the weight of Scripture and allow the marvelous enabling grace of God to transform every area of their lives. Prayer must, once again, become the vital breath of the church of the Lord Jesus. “There must be an unmistakable scriptural call given to those who name the Name of Christ to know Him, love Him, worship Him,
serve Him, and obey Him.”

Some References For Al Whittinghill

“Since the day I met Al Whittinghill over 30 years ago (when Jack and I invited him and Mary Madeline to comeon staff at Precept Ministries International) his passion and zeal for holiness and prayer have never changed.From that time on, I knew God would use him greatly wherever he went because his message is so rich and soBiblical. When my dear brother speaks, I want him to pause almost after every statement so I might savor itsrichness, and ponder its truth. He is truly a man of God for this hour, that we the church might be prepared to meet our God.”

Kay Arthur, Precept Ministries International

“I have known Al Whittinghill for 20 years, and few men are as consistent in their Christian life as he is. This man has something to say that all of us need to hear.”

Ron Blue, Founder, The Ronald Blue Company

“I have known Al Whittinghill for many years. I recommend him as a highly ethical and committed Christian and an excellent teacher.”

The late Larry Burkett, President and Founder, Christian Financial Concepts

“Al is a gifted and forceful teacher of God’s Word who uses practical applications and real life examples to relateGod’s message to everyday life … An unusually gifted and dynamic speaker that communicates God’s Word ina vibrant and life-changing way. His character, depth of experience and practical approach to God’s truth allow him to speak to a broad cross section of people.”

Phil Downer, Past President, C.B.M.C.

“Al’s life and message spring from a deep love of God and a watchman’s concern for the Church. The Lord is using him mightily in these last days to issue a clear call to those who are hungry for spiritual truth.”

Steve Green, Recording Artist

“Al is a Spirit-filled servant and exudes excitement and enthusiasm in his preaching and ministry. He is aprayer warrior with a burden for spiritual awakening in our nation and world. He has always exhibitedcredibility and the highest Christian integrity. He is deeply committed to preaching and teaching the Word of God.”

Richard A. Harris Southern Baptist Convention

” I perceive that this man is a prophet who has a word for this generation….”

The late Dr. Vance Havner

“It is with great joy that I commend to you my personal friend and brother, Al Whittinghill. I have had the privilege to serve as his pastor for the last few years, and what a delight it has been. God has used him mightily on numerous occasions to speak to the First Baptist Church Woodstock family. We have always been challenged and encouraged by his ministry, and I know that you will as well. God has also strategically used him among our deacons and leadership to challenge in the area of revival, praying, and seeking the face of God. I commend his ministry with no reservations whatsoever. Your church and your people will be greatly blessed.”

Dr. Johnny Hunt Pastor, First Baptist Church Woodstock, Georgia

“The focus of the Rev. Al Whittinghill’s ministry is the local church. His heart’s desire is once again for the revival fires to burn in it and to be channeled through it. I deeply appreciate the type of theology that produces men of his vision and zeal and makes his preaching powerful and effective. This preaching is expository in the finest of traditions, is Spirit-filled, aims at the heart and seeks a transformed life that makes a difference.”

Dr. Henry Krabbendam

“Al is a dedicated, committed servant of the Lord Jesus Christ. He would be an asset to any Kingdom work.”

Rev. Peter Lord, Pastor, Park Avenue Baptist Church

“Al’s message is undiluted. He preaches the Lordship of Christ and the power of a Spirit-filled life. I warmly recommend Al Whittinghill to God’s people everywhere.”

The late Dr. Stephen Olford, Encounter Ministries

“My friend and brother Al Whittinghill has been touched with a live coal. He truly points the way and also leads the way. “A man whose heart the Lord has touched” 1 Sam.10:26. Hear him.”

The Late Dr. Leonard Ravenhill

“I was brought to faith in Jesus Christ as a youth. At that time theological liberalism dominated most of the churches of upstate New York where I was raised. Now, sixty some years later, classical liberalism is all but dead and evangelicalism pervades much of the nation. But, Alas! Evangelicals seem to be as lacking in purity, passion, and power as liberals were then. At a time when the voice of the prophet of God is desperately needed in the church there are alarmingly few who even call the church to repentance, and fewer who do so under “The Burden of the Lord”. Notable among this small band of exceptions – mighty men of God – is Al Whittinghill. Listen to him! He has the Father’s heart for His wayward church. Give him platform! He will voice the cry of the Holy Spirit for purity, passion, and power in your midst. Turn him loose among your people! And when you do so, expect them to fall in love afresh with Jesus Christ and true religion!”

Dr. Richard Owen Roberts, President, International Awakening Ministries

“I have had the privilege of being ministered to under the anointed ministry of Al Whittinghill. Al is powerfully and obviously led by the Holy Spirit. I believe his ministry is on the cutting edge of what the Lord is doing”‘

Jay Sekulow, Chief Counsel, American Center for Law & Justice

“Al Whittinghill speaks with the cadence, eloquence and power of the revivalists who stepped on God’s platform over a century ago and changed the world. Yet, he preaches a message that is totally relevant to the complexities of our day. Al challenges my mind, awakens my heart and holds my attention while proclaiming the unchanging, living Word of God. I commend my dear brother to you with my highest recommendation!”

Mrs. Jan Silvious, Conference Speaker, Author

“Al Whittinghill is a man who has a strong, deep abiding conviction that the Bible will provide the answers for everyday life. He has a unique ability to share this conviction in a fresh convincing way. I highly recommend Al to any church for Bible conferences, revival meetings, pulpit supply or missionary conferences. You will hear expository Biblical preaching and teaching at it’s finest.”

Dr. Charles Stanley, Pastor First Baptist Church Atlanta

“It has been a privilege to sit under Al Whittinghill’s ministry. Not only has he a thorough knowledge of the Scriptures, but also he is able to share what the Lord is doing in his own life, making the Word come alive. Al is a man who knows that God means what He says, and he applies it in his own life. In so doing his preaching blesses many. I can highly recommend his ministry.'”

Mrs. Cam Townsend, Co-founder, Wycliffe Bible Translators

“As one personally burdened for the instructional needs of the body of Christ, I rejoice when I observe the growing influence of teachers such as Al Whittinghill. With an unswerving commitment to the Scriptures and a heart committed to service, Al is poised to influence the church at large for years to come. I commend Al and his ministry of teaching without reservation.”

Bruce Wilkinson Founder, Walk Through the Bible Ministries

“‘I commend Al Whittinghill and his ministry to your church or organization. I believe you will be greatly edified and challenged as you are exposed to the burning message that is upon his heart and which he is able to deliver with such Biblical clarity and unction..”

George Verwer, Operation Mobilization

“Strong and anointed Biblical preaching in a contemporary context, that stirs both heart and mind, is a rarity in our times. Al Whittinghill has been greatly gifted by God to fill this immense need. The Bible was never meant to be dull – Al’s preaching is a persuasive demonstration of that fact. The evidence does not stop with his presentation but continues on with changed lives.”

Ravi K. ZachariasPresident, Ravi Zacharias International Ministries




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