Luke Johnson


Personal Background

Born in New Orleans in 1983, Luke was soon adopted and moved to Mississippi. 27 years later, he is following God’s call for his life to passionately preach and live for God’s glory. Luke was born again in 1998 and surrendered to ministry at age 15. He has since followed that call by serving the local church as a student pastor and now itinerantly preaching and speaking in many different places and settings, such as student events, summer camps, Disciple Now weekends, evangelistic meetings, church services, sports teams, school conventions and graduations, and other opportunities that the Lord gives him.

Luke attended college at The University of Southern Mississippi, earning an undergraduate degree in Business Administration in 2005. During his time at Southern Miss, he was a 3-year starter at punter for the Golden Eagles’ football team, earning All Conference USA and All-American honors his senior year. After his time at Southern Miss, he spent 3 years at New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary, receiving his Masters of Divinity in May 2009. In 2006, Luke married the love of his life, Lauren Husbands, and they have spent time living in New Orleans, LA, and Laurel, MS, where they now reside.

Luke is a big fan of great preachers and men of God from the past like Leonard Ravenhill, E.M. Bounds, A.W. Tozer, Paris Reidhead, Samuel Chadwick, Duncan Campbell, Vance Havner, John Wesley, George Whitefield and many more. He also enjoys reading and collecting old books, playing golf and his guitar, rooting for Southern Miss, the Saints, and the Cubs, and hanging with his Jack Russell Terrier, Brother.


"I grew up a religious kid, raised in church life from the very beginning. I made several ‘decisions’ growing up. They were all caused by different motives. When I was 7, I walked the aisle at Vacation Bible School because everybody did. At age 12, I didn’t want to go to hell, so I responded to get fire insurance. At 14, I got caught in the act of sinning. I wasn’t sorry for what I did, but I was mad that I had gotten caught. I merely turned over a new leaf, but everything went back to life as normal 2 weeks later. None of these ‘religious experiences’ did anything to change me. I had experienced the best ‘formalized religion’ had to offer, but I was still dead in my sin.

In 1998, my home church in Laurel, MS, experienced an outpouring of the Holy Spirit. For 10 weeks, our church met six nights a week in praise and evangelistic preaching. Scores of people responded to the Gospel, and out of this meeting, many people were truly born again. In the 4th week of the meeting, on Sunday morning, February 22, 1998, God showed me who I truly was. I was religious but lost. I had head knowledge of Christ, but I did not possess His life within me. I had broken God’s law and God’s heart, and I stood condemned. It was in this moment that I realized I had to repent, that I had to forsake being the god of my life, and by faith, surrender to the Lordship of Christ, trusting in the atonement He had made for me on the cross. I got alone with God and cried out for mercy. God applied the blood of Christ to my heart, saved me, forgave me, and regenerated me! My life changed! What I used to love I now hated, and what I once hated I now loved. From that day on until now, I can echo Paul’s words in 2 Corinthians 5:17, ‘…if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation. The old has passed away; behold, the new has come.’"

Calling to Ministry

"After I was born again in 1998, I wanted to know God’s direction for my life. Many people around me began to surrender to ministry, and I wanted to as well. I had no word from God on this, so I lived life and waited. I considered many directions for life during this time, but I just decided to walk with God until He told me what to do.

On July 5, 1999, I was at Crossroads Camp, in Boiling Springs, NC. During a time of response, the preacher gave an invitation for those being called into ministry. At that moment, I heard a voice directly behind my right ear which shouted, "GO!" I responded to the voice of the Spirit and surrendered to preach on that day. It was amazing later to hear from other believers that they had felt that the Lord would call me to preach one day. Hearing these testimonies along with God’s continuing work in my life greatly encouraged me and were used by the Lord to help in confirming His calling on my life.

Since that day, my passion is to become all that God wants me to be. My desire is to be spent for His glory for the rest of my days, seeing many people come to Jesus, giving Him the reward of His suffering, and to see the Holy Spirit shake the Church again in revival power. Hear the words of Amy Carmichael:

‘Give me the love that leads the way,
The faith that nothing can dismay
The hope no disappointments tire,
The passion that will burn like fire;
Let me not sink to be a clod;
Make me Thy fuel, Flame of God.’