Carlos Josue Guevara


Personal Background

I was born in Guatemala and I was blessed to grow up in a Christian home. Both my parents were involved in church and so I grew up in church. I was blessed to attend a private Christian school all the way through middle school. I started singing in church at the age of 7 and learned to play the piano at age 8. I started attending music school and started to get involved in my parents ministry as a child. My parents went to seminary in 1990 and during seminary we did several small mission trips to Belize, Honduras and throughout Guatemala. I was about 11 to 13 years old during this time and I was very involved in worship, I would lead worship and will sing special music in different churches, wherever my parents were invited to minister, I would also do special music.

At the age of 14, my parents felt the call from God to come to the United States and so we moved to Washington DC and my dad became assistant pastor for a Baptist Church in downtown Washington. A few months later, the church started another church in the suburbs in Maryland and so we moved there. I remained very involved in worship, became part of the worship team and also became very involved in the youth group.

In 1996, my parents were called to start a Spanish church in Atlanta, Georgia and following God’s will we moved to Atlanta and we have been here since. I became the worship leader at the church as well as youth leader and years later I met my wife Jessica in the worship team. I graduated from American InterContinental University with a Bachelors of Information Technology in 2001 and started working in that field as a Web Developer. During that time, my parents were no longer pastoring that church and so in 2000 I also started attending another church from the Christian and Missionary Alliance (CMA) Cristo Vive, and quickly became involved in their worship team and youth leadership. In 2003 after 4 years of dating, Jessica and I got married and together served in the church, in the worship team, youth group and also children’s ministry.

At the end of 2004, we felt the Lord was calling us out of Cristo Vive sensing that He wanted to prepare us for ministry and so we put everything for sale. Our house, cars, and we spoke with our pastor that we felt God’s calling and we were getting ready to go wherever He would call us to go. At that point, another pastor also from a CMA church contacted our pastor and expressed a need for a Hispanic worship leader for their church; they were a multicultural church and wanted to have that diversity in their leadership. So after a few interviews and confirmation from God, we left Cristo Vive and went to New Beginnings Fellowship (NBF) as the Worship Leader in 2005.

It was definitely not what I thought God was going to call us to; it was not only a different language but also cultural change. We thought God was going to take us to seminary out of the country, yet God’s plan was just to move us about 20 miles north of where we were. I have been in New Beginnings since; I have grown as a worship leader and in my Christian walk and leadership overall through the teachings of the word from Pastor Reginald Screen as well as some other distant pastors that minister to me via the internet.


In 2007, God blessed us with a beautiful little girl, Milan Jaslene and 2 years later, a handsome little boy Cristian Giovanni. They are a blessing in our lives and also a testimony to show that God can do miracles, for we had been trying to conceive for a couple years and were told by doctors that it was going to be very difficult and nearly impossible to have children. But our God is a powerful God and there is nothing that He can not do. I know without a doubt that God moved us to NBF because He wanted to prepare us in a multicultural and multi-lingual setting. At the end of 2009, I stepped out of the worship team as leader and follow the will of God to start a Young Adult ministry called 7thAvenue. I am currently teaching in small groups, leading worship with a band that is made up of people from 7thAvenue and I know without a doubt that God brought my family back in 1994 to the United States and has prepared me to do His ministry in this country. To reach this new generation in a Multicultural, Multilanguage and Multidenominational setting, helping people find God’s direction for their lives.

As of 2011, I am now part of Ambassadors for Christ International USA, and I am also starting to pursue a Master of Arts in Global Leadership from Fuller Theological Seminary in Colorado. I am very excited about the future and the things that God wants to do in my life and my family’s. I pray that we can remain faithful, focus and committed to do His will, and trust that He will provide for our needs and will continue to bless us in the same way that He has been doing it.

Bless God!

Carlos Josue Guevara
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