Abraham Weihua Liu


Personal Background

Abraham Weihua Liu was born in a poor country village of Hebei province, China on Nov 14th, 1966. From 1986—1990, he studied at Hebei Teachers’ University, majoring in English. In May 1989, he was one of the 106 suicide Squads on Tian An Men Square. In the 1990s, he worked as a tourist guide in Beijing for China Travel Service, taught English at Shijiazhuang Postal College and also worked as a free businessman.

But, it was on Sept 7th 1997 that Abraham was saved in Louisiana during a business trip at New Covenant Baptist church. He felt the call by God to preach. He started by preaching the word of God at local house churches in Shijiazhuang and he also spread the gospel at the college where he worked and led 24 students to Christ. He was arrested twice in 1998 for this. By 1999, Abraham became a fulltime Pastor of a local house church called Philadelphia.

From 1999 until 2005, Abraham attended underground seminary by Singaporeans, while training house church pastors in 6 provinces and cities in China. In this time, Abraham’s devotion to serving the Lord by ministering and preaching in China meant he had to move home 3 times due to persecution and be subject to police surveillance. His wife, Grace Jianhua Liu, was also arrested and beaten for spreading the Gospel in March of 2004. In this time, Abraham also worked for World Teach of Walk through the Bible and specialized in Biblical marriage and parenting so that he could train house church leaders from 13 provinces in Biblical family and marriage counseling.

Abraham studied at The Evangelical Institute of Greenville and was ordained to be a well-equipped missionary to work for the gospel of Christ from 2005-2007 and on June 10th, 2007 he was installed as the first pastor of the Chinese Christian church at Clemson, SC. From that time until late 2011, he shepherded at the Chinese Christian church at Clemson wholeheartedly.

Most recently, in April of 2012, Abraham joined Ambassadors For Christ International-USA for church revival and Biblical Marriage & Family ministry.

Abraham’s wife, Grace Jianhua Liu, was Abraham’s classmate in both Hebei teachers’ University and The Evangelical Institute of Greenville.  They married on Oct 6, 1990,and have 4 children: Samuel, John, Joseph, and Joy and they presently live in South Carolina.

 Abraham leads his family to follow and serve The Lord Jesus for all these years, not expecting anything from any man, but totally trust their faithful Master by Faith!

Today, Abraham is still a suicide squad, but for Christ only!!

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