Shiferaw Balcha

Shiferaw Feyissa Balcha was born in 1961 in Ethiopia, Addis Ababa and accepted Jesus as his personal Saviour in January 1978 when he was 16 years old. Before he came to the Lord, he was recruited by an anti-God communist group who ordered all young people to persecute the Christian church. Every Sunday he and his friends actively persecuted Christians and vandalized church property including breaking into the church and destroying furniture and the buildings. The older boys of the group were commanded to make loud noises during all worship services and also to beat the Christians when they were praying. He grew to be a leader of one of these groups.

One day he and his friends were at a church doing the same destructive things they had always done. While they were there bent on disrupting the church service and persecuting the Christians, he heard the invited pastor preach about the love of Christ from John 3:16. It was his turning point and he realized what the true agape love means and the Holy Spirit showed him his inner life… his heart. The pastor appealed to the congregation and gave an alter call. He was the first one go to forward accepting the Lord as his personal Saviour.

Eventually, during the communist regime, he spent six months in prison for the sake of his faith. After six months by the interference of the Lord, he and his Christian brothers and sisters were delivered from jail miraculously!

The Lord had a big plan for Shiferaw’s life and called him to be a full time minister in 1984 at Geja Kale Hiowte church. It was not his interest to be a full time minister, and he resisted His calling several times. Shiferaw’s desire was ministering the Lord part-time, but finally the Lord spoke to him directly and he knew what his calling was… He could not say “no” to God’s divine calling.

So, now, over the last 30 years he has seen God’s calling is perfect and he has been assured repeatedly of this by the Lord’s spiritual and physical blessings. His educational and ministry experience includes:

Educational background:
-Diploma ETC in Bible Theology
-BA in Bible Theology
-MA in leadership Global university

Ministry Roles:
Evangelist/ pastor Gega KHC 1984-1999
Pastor Emmanuel church 1999-2000
Trainer African Evangelistic Enterprise 2000-2003
Director Ambassador for Christ international Ethiopia ministry 2003- present

Ministry on national level:
The Lord has opened doors for ministering all over Ethiopian churches and regions…from north Mekelle to south Moyalle and from East jijiga to West welega zones.

Ministry worldwide:
Shiferaw has been privileged to have opportunities of ministry not only in the Ethiopian communities and churches, but in other nations as well. The Lord has opened doors of ministry in:
-Africa: Kenya, Sudan, Djibouti, Eartria, Egypt, Tanzania, Rwanda, Uganda, Zambia, Zimbabwe, South Africa
-Europe: Netherlands, Germany, Spain, Sweden Italy, Belgium, Switzerland, Finland, England
-North America and Canada: more than 25 states and 4 Canadian cities.
-Asia: India 3 months short term missionary, Cambodia and Pakistan
-Middle East: Israel and United Arab Emirates
-South America: Argentina
-Australia: Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne

Shiferaw knows without a doubt that these all happened by God’s grace and His tender mercy. He will tell you he is a no body! It is his prayer to listen to His voice and follow Him as the sheep follow his good shepherd’s voice. Shiferaw resides in Ethiopia with his wife and five children.