Premend Choy


Personal Background

Premend Choy and his family (wife Sharmila, daughters Charlene and Abigail) came to the United States in 2007 from Fiji to go to seminary and the Lord directed his steps to The Master’s Seminary in Southern California. He received his M.Div. in May of 2012 and is working to complete his Th.M. in the Fall of 2013. He recalls his time at this seminary as one of his sweetest experiences even though it was packed with rigorous academic training. He is grateful to the Lord for directing his steps to a seminary that is serious about training men as if lives depended on it!

Premend believes that the training has been instrumental in preparing him for godly living, for leadership in ministry, and for effective involvement in serving others.

Now that the training is over, Premend and his family returned to Fiji in late 2012 and have rejoined the faculty of the Fiji Bible College from which he graduated years ago. Currently, he serves in the role of Vice President responsible for Academics and Administration at College of Theology and Evangelism Fiji (formerly known as Fiji Bible College). His focus is on training the next generation of young men for ministry in the South Pacific region and equipping saints. This Bible College has been training pastors for the past 39 years under the leadership of Dr. Narayan Nair.

Premend and his family are trusting the Lord for monthly support. As they answer God’s call, your prayers and encouragement would be much appreciated.