Julian Vincent Devadason


(B.Th., M.Div.)

Sri Lanka
Julian was born on July 13, 1980 in the central hills of Sri Lanka. His birth was a miracle. His mother’s pregnancy was a high-risk pregnancy due to harmful prenatal medicines and several complications. Once delivered, the doctors identified Julian as a very feeble baby. His condition was not pleasing to the eyes as he had damaged skin and bleeding blisters all over his body. To doctors, his survival was questionable. But God had a mysterious plan for the child in midst of human misery.

Julian’s childhood was very challenging. However, the Lord allowed him to experience His providence in all levels of life. He enabled him to grow in wisdom, stature and in favour with God and men. The Lord empowered him to come closer to Himself. At just twelve years old, Julian accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as His personal Saviour and Lord. From that point on, he had a great desire to study the Word, witness Christ and share His love with his church members, friends and people of his community.

His family, church and Bible Schools helped him in his walk with Christ. His involvements with ministries and missions helped him grow in knowledge and experience about the Christian life and service. His ministry experience spans from the grassroot level to the international and cross-cultural mission fields. He served at two Sri Lankan institutes, as a Dean of Studies and CEO prior to his full-time position with Ambassadors for Christ International.

His unquenched passion is to preach Christ; to teach the saints to be Christ-centric, Bible-based and Spirit-empowered; and to equip the Church to do what it has been called. These have become driving factors of his current ministry. Julian has great passion for revival and reaching out to the next generation for Christ.

His wife Milka, who is a lawyer by profession, is a great supporter. They are blessed with a daughter, Oren Sharona. They base ministry out of Sri Lanka.