John Paul

Doctor of Ministry

John Paul came to personal salvation through the ministry of the Madras Bible League in 1948. He obeyed the call of God to serve as full time evangelist in 1961. Ambassadors For Christ International-Australia invited John to attend a school of evangelism in Sydney in 1962, not knowing he had already resigned his secure job in order to serve the Lord. Following an invitation to join AFCI, John was appointed as their first evangelist to India in January 1962.

John Paul was married to Sarah in 1964 and they together served in India until 1970 when they were led by the Lord to serve in the Middle Eastern region. From 1970-1982, they served through the strategy of training called “Total Evangelism Training School”. In 1982, the moved over to Singapore and initiated DATASS – Development in Training and Assistance. After that they moved to Australia to base themselves and continued in Afro-Asian nations. In 2003, they returned to India due to Sarah’s illness and served through an innovative approach called QUEST – Quality Enhancement Strategic Training out of which, RIPE – Rual Indigenous Pastors Development Scheme was implemented. The Lord took Sarah home in 2007. From 2010 on, John Paul took on a new strategic approach called PISGAH – Partners In South Asian Growth Acceleration Hub. This is now covering South Asian and several African Nations. John Paul has traveled widely in Afro Asian, South Pacific, Far East, European and North and South American nations where the Lord has led in ministry. He has gained vast experience in cross-culture interdenominational ministry.

At present, based in Chennai (Madras) India, John Paul is covering a field comprising of Afro-Asian nations, using a strategic approach to connect people and culture with a sound scriptural, doctrinal and practical approach that has greatly impacted thousands of pastors, preachers, evangelicals, leaders, and church workers in many nations.

John Paul holds a BA in Economics and Bachelor of Divinity, as well as a Doctor of Ministry from The Evangelical Divinity School in Deerfield, Illinois, USA.